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DDOSS - Sports Agency is a company dedicated to sports careers management and organization of sports events, led by the agent André Ajipa. DDOSS started its activity in 2017 and currently has an office in Lisbon (Portugal).

DDOSS guarantees specialized advice to the athletes, guidance and support in their careers and in their lives, with the focus on identifying the best opportunities for the athletes and thus helping them to achieve a successful sports career.

DDOSS is currently recognized in the market as an important reference company in sports career management.

André Ajipa, was born in Setubal (Portugal), on May 11, 1991. FIBA agent, he founded DDOSS in 2017. 

With many years of professional experience in talent scouting and sports career management, André Ajipa made his career in basketball as a player and coach and had experiences in the USA as an athlete. 

With the support of ddoss team, he is totally focused on advising and guiding athletes in order to help them achieve their goals and the greatest success in their sports careers.

Our Services

year-round events

Provide the best opportunities, guidance, couceling and support in order to guarantee the most successful career for our athlets.

Endow all the supported athletes with a bundled set of services, counselling and infrastructures which will put their careers in first place and contribute to a fairest, brightest and more transparent sports’ industry around the globe making DDOSS a global reference in sports career management.

Our values


In scouting,
discovering talent
and identifying the
best opportunities


In technical analysis,
strategy, athletes and
careers management


In the services


Integrity, loyalty and
transparency in relations
and commitments 


DDOSS is already recognized as an important and distinguished company in Sports Career Management, for our work and results achieved, but also for the way we deal with people and the way we fulfill our commitments.

We want to be the best, therefore we work like the best.

DDOSS has as its main foundations, integrity, trust, and loyalty, and it is based on these foundations that we work on every day.

DDOSS is made for athletes, and it is on them that we center our work and our focus, everyday, so that we can always guarantee the best support and counseling for their career path.

We are always looking for the best conditions and opportunities for athletes, in Portugal and abroad.


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